Hello Mustangers! My Name is Martin and these are the restoration pages of my 64 1/2 Convertible. I started looking for a Mustang nearly 10 years ago, but it takes a long time befor I found a nice looking one, with a straight body in Switzerland. Although my Mustang was in a really nice Daily Driver shape I started a groundup restoration to put it into perfect condition. My Mustang turns out to be the earliest known one in Germany. I hope you will enjoy the pictures of my restoration. For space and performance reasons we didn’t show higher resolutions. If your are interested to see one pictures in HiRes for detail don’t hesitate to ask me.

Martin’s Early Mustang Restoration:

  1. Pictures before I start off…
  2. The teardown begins…
  3. After disassembling
  4. Seamer Out & Blasting
  5. Priming to protect
  6. Bodywork
  7. Seamer & Filler
  8. Before sanding starts…
  9. New paint
  10. Powdercoating & more
  11. Assembling the powertrain
  12. Assembling 1
  13. Assembling 2
  14. Top installation
  15. Overhaul of the drivetrain
  16. Reassembling of the Engine Bay
  17. Finish Restauration